March 24, 2017
OPC restrictions, eligibility, regulations

OPC – When you are the only one running the ship

The concept of One Person Companies was introduced in India through the Companies Act, 2013 to support entrepreneurs who are capable of starting ventures on their […]
March 21, 2017
GST migration

GST and You, for the Biggest Migration

  With GST replacing most of the indirect tax especially VAT and Service Tax, it becomes necessary for existing suppliers (registered at respective tax authority) to […]
March 16, 2017
company name approval

Decided the Company Name? Maybe you should do it over

Every business entity needs to be given some name and the functioning of the business is carried out in that name only. In the case of […]
March 12, 2017
Private Limited Company, LLP, Registration

Why Private Limited Companies are converting into LLP?

In Limited Liability Partnership or LLP under LLP Act 2008, where all or some of the partners have limited liability as per the shares and offers […]